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This is how to heal your torn meniscus (especially without surgery). It is the most in-depth non-operative meniscus tear healing protocol to follow.

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This is how to optimize your body's innate healing potential.

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Hi^^ My name is Ian Leahy and I created this site to help you heal your injury.

I've had a number of injuries and that includes 2 meniscus tears according to an MRI.


I can feel your pain.

I'll show you how they happened. 

This first one is not actually me in the photo, but it was an injury caused by the same move in BJJ. It's called jumping guard and it should be banned because of injuries like this.

So basically what happened was a big guy about 200+ pounds jumped guard in randori - yeah that's right. Randori is judo sparring. I used to go to a school that had both judo and jiu-jitsu classes.

But this guy jumped guard in the judo part of the class which he wasn't supposed to do. And what happened was that he kind of missed and did not jump high enough and his full weight landed on my extended knee like the picture above.

It hyperextended my knee.

My knee bent backwards (a little).

And it hurt like hell.

The doctor diagnosed a medial meniscus tear.

The more recent knee injury started with another dangerous takedown in BJJ (illegal now in judo) called kani basami (scissors throw). It's where you use your legs like a pair of scissors to take down your opponent.

But again here was a person 200+ pounds who did not do the move correctly and it turned my knee inwards and caused some popping in my knee.

That's me the skinny guy in blue.

After that my knee got progressively worse in the months to follow with increased discomfort and then one night in judo newaza POP, POP, POP!

So I went to the doctor and the MRI said a torn meniscus like before in the same area as the first.

Now it's 4 months later and I am doing better and have returned to judo.

I've talked to two different surgeons and I was very close to getting surgery, but I kept doing research, learned a lot about healing and built this site.

Can you heal your meniscus?

Without surgery?

Your average orthopedic surgeon is going to give you a grim answer and he is probably not going to entertain many of your questions either. The first thing you should know is that the current state of medicine and treatment is easily 17 years behind.

“A staggering 36,000 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are published each year, on average, and it typically takes about 17 years for findings to reach clinical practice.”


You are getting old information and old practices when you consult your average orthopedic surgeon.

What will they say?

They'll give you a very black red and white answer.


If the tear is in the red zone it can possibly heal. If it's in the white zone it cannot.

That's what the majority of orthopedic surgeons will say. The majority of them will recommend a partial meniscectomy where they remove the torn bit.

But when they do that your chances of arthritis increase exponentially (even when they remove as little as


Here's a study that says partial meniscectomy vs. sham surgery showed no different results

So why remove the torn bit if it doesn't make a difference in the long run? They'll tell you it's useless and will be likely to re-tear.


Here's an informal study on meniscus surgery courtesy of Google.

This can be found on the bottom of the search results page. 

This is what can happen 1 or 2 years after meniscus surgery.

They used to remove the whole meniscus and then (many years later) started to learn that it caused arthritis.

Like I said above you are getting DATED medicine and practices.

However, some people have pretty good outcomes from surgery (at least in the short term). And you may too. But I am just trying to teach you what they won't.

Is the meniscus (the non-vascular part) a dead tissue?

No, it's not a dead tissue.

Your meniscus receives nutrition from bone, synovial fluid, and the vascular part.

If you get a partial meniscectomy then you remove the symptom. Most medicine is symptom orientated. It's about eliminating the symptoms NOT solving the problem.

When you remove the meniscus you remove any chance for it to heal on its own.


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Answers to:

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How to avoid doing google searches like these (that other people are doing):

  • knee pain 1 or 2 years after meniscus surgery
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  • Amplify your body's innate healing potential
  • DIY hacks for the adventurous and brave to heal your meniscus faster and better
  • Alternative treatments for meniscal tears
  • The best supplements for meniscus repair
  • Diet: what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat
  • Well known tactics to lesser known and to the unexplored underground

Start learning what you can do today (that's right... now) to enhance your body's healing potential