Heal my knee

This is how to heal your torn meniscus (or at least make it better) and get back in the game. It's an in-depth DIY research-backed meniscus tear healing protocol you can follow via an online course.

If you are thinking about surgery then you probably want to watch this first...

In this course you will learn some surprising tools backed by science:

  • how to treat a meniscus tear (5 main ways with full details on the most important ones)
  • how to regenerate your meniscus (yes, you can if you give it what it needs)
  • how to amplify healing of the meniscus 
  • how to heal a torn meniscus naturally without surgery (yes, it's possible)
  • how to rehab your meniscus tear (a full program from Level I (limping w/ lots of pain thinking your _____ career is over) to level III (yes, I've made progress)
  • the most updated tactics and studies on how to heal your injury from a holistic perspective (above and way beyond your average doctor's rehab protocol)

This course references over 116+ studies that support why you should put the said information in this course into practice (if you want to heal better).

Heal my knee

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Who's it for?

  • DIYers
  • Biohackers
  • People who want to heal
  • People who want to learn
  • People who are active (not passive)
  • People who don't necessarily trust what their doctor said
  • People who want to try healing their tear without surgery first
  • People who want to make the best possible recovery from surgery
  • People who want to save time sifting through all of the studies